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No more music on request.

2013-02-14 15:34:04 by cazok

I just wanted to make a statement as to make something clear.
I've received a bunch of PM's from people who want me to create music for their games, movies etc...
I'm sorry to say I can no longer do that, because I have moved to another city and my home studio is now far far away from me (*sniff*). I rarely get to visit my home, which makes it impossible for me to make music on request like I did before.

Know that despite my inability to actually record any music, I'm still as productive as ever, coming up with new tunes in my head all the time :) I have constructed several songs with full arrangements and stuff... I just can't get them out to you people! :( At least not at the moment... I have plans for a future studio in my current location, but this idea is still on the drawing board.

I'll try to get home more often, and hopefully some new material will pop up sooner or later.


No more music on request.

Do you remember me?

2010-04-09 16:29:09 by cazok

Just wanted to tell you people that I'm still alive, and that I'm still posting new music almost every week.
If you would check out my songs and gimme some constructive feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.

It's bin weeks since I last received a review, which kinda kills my motivation XD
So.. Yep! Still alive. I'll respond to any well considered critisism.


Do you remember me?

Taking out the Trash...

2009-11-26 16:30:51 by cazok

There are some of the songs on my channel I feel no longer live up to my quality standards...
Most of them were submitted years ago, and the quality is most regrettable. As I listen to them today, I notice that I just want to forget them. Unless there are some of you who want them to stay in the portal, I'll delete them around Christmas.

Here is a list of the songs I want to get rid off:
*Tower of darkness
*Medievil 2 - Kev Gardens
*If I could Decide
*Evil guys Theme
*Big Breakout
*: Speedway :
*Final Boss Battle
*The Kingdom of Valinor

Some of the songs has really nice tunes, but most of them are of extremely poor sound quality.
They're not really getting any attention either, so unless you really like them; bye bye!

Before you leave, I'd recommend that you to listen to some of my latest songs.
Boneshackle Basin is a dramatic and dark song I made for a game. Possibly one of my best songs ever. However, if you'r not here to get depressed, I would recommend you to offer Silversin Strip a listen. That song makes me think of candy... Great for the Christmas Holidays!

Happy Christmas!

Taking out the Trash...

Gothic Mansion

2009-03-14 10:58:57 by cazok

Recently me and my brother has been working on a new project. We will make a game called Gothic Mansion (same name as my favourite music piece), and it will be made as a gothic/horror themed platform game. Currently we seem to have some problems with our actionscipt, so If any experienced gamers would like to help us out we would be very grateful.

The graphics, themes, music and sound effects are all done, so we just need to get the hang of the code, which at the moment is overflowing with bugs and errors.

The game probably wont be finished until the summer vacation, when me and my brother has time and energy to work on it. On the other hand we will be strugling to get the actionscript up and going before vacation, so yeah... Help is appreciated,

(By the way, we use actionscript 2.0)

Gothic Mansion

I can draw too!

2008-12-17 10:43:09 by cazok

I just want you all to know that I'm still playing and improving my skills, even though I haven't submitted anything these past months.
The reason for this is that I have moved to a new school, and my music gear is left at home with my family. I'm returning to them in the Christmas holidays, so I'll probably ge to submit something soon.

Until then stay put.
(P.S Drawing made by me :) I don't have orange hair, but I AM very thin)

I can draw too!

To the End of The World

2008-06-12 08:20:01 by cazok

As many of you may have noticed, one of my latest songs "To the End of The World" has gone straight to the top of my list recently.

It's currently #1 in the General Rock Portal, AND it has the 2'th place in the all time greatest.
(Probably for like half an hour or so, but STILL!)

I just wanted to thank you all for your positive comments and ratings, and of course for using it in your movies. This is the first time one of my songs has reached such success, and I felt I could ignore the situation no longer. I love you guys! Thanks a lot.

This really made my day

To the End of The World


2008-06-02 07:02:05 by cazok

Why can't people just vote fairly in the audio portal!?
How can it be that so many bastards out there randomly vote 0 on all and everything for no REASON!?
Why is it that every time I submit a new song, I get like 10 good reviews and a lot of positive feedback, and still my score is no more than 2.50!?


Not only do you ruin the good atmosphere in the audio portal, but you also show us that there really is people out there with absolutely no purpose in life!
Man... People like you guys should be shot at sight.

After all, you are no more than a waist of human flesh and resources.
Do society a favor and GO HANG YOURSELF, or at least stay away from the music- loving, fair- rating newgrounders.

Oh and by the way...
If you ever consider shooting yourself in either the head or in the chest, I suggest the head.
It's out of function anyway.



2008-04-26 17:49:10 by cazok

I have always been a joker.



2008-01-07 17:08:37 by cazok

You see, the other day this thought struck me: why don't I try to write a review about NOTHING for absolutely no reason? Well, I thought. This sounded fun, let's do it.

Now here I am, sitting in front of my computer, trying to figure out what it actually is to write about nothing. It's quite interesting though, because I usually have to write about something. You know, like some old boring professor that discovered the use of god-knows-what 200 years ago.
That's the thing about me. I like to sit and write just whatever comes out of my head at the moment, which usually is pretty much. I think to much, but is it possible to think less? Or in that case, would I ever come up with the idea of writing this at all? Would I regret it?

I don't think so, and therefore I decide to continue, but for what reason? I mean... Who wants to read about absolutely nothing? Probably people who are bored. But then again, without boredom there wouldn't be any visitors to this site at all, and I wouldn't have to write this funny nonsense which no-one would never ever put their bored little eyes on.

So what shall I write that will make people interested? Well since I have decided to write about nothing, I could start talking about my motorcycle. This motorcycle doesn't really exist at all... ergo, it must be nothing. Satisfied? But then again, was that what I wanted to tell with this review?
All I actually have said is that I have a motorcycle that doesn't exist.

From the fact that you have read so far in my review, I can make out the conclusion that you must be a very bored person at the moment. For a change, I will recommend you to take a look at my songs.
For those of you who has already done so: Why are still sitting there? Write me a review godamit!

Back to the point... Despite the fact that there is no point, which makes this whole thing so wonderful, because it's about absolutely nothing! I think I have proven the point (that doesn't exist) for now.

How many characters have I got left?


I could do this all night.

I think to much...


My friends...

2007-12-11 12:31:53 by cazok

For your information, feel free to use my songs in your productions if you like it.
I'm always happy to see my audio in movies and games, and It's things like that that keeps me going.

Thank you for all good responds and reviews!