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No more music on request.

2013-02-14 15:34:04 by cazok

I just wanted to make a statement as to make something clear.
I've received a bunch of PM's from people who want me to create music for their games, movies etc...
I'm sorry to say I can no longer do that, because I have moved to another city and my home studio is now far far away from me (*sniff*). I rarely get to visit my home, which makes it impossible for me to make music on request like I did before.

Know that despite my inability to actually record any music, I'm still as productive as ever, coming up with new tunes in my head all the time :) I have constructed several songs with full arrangements and stuff... I just can't get them out to you people! :( At least not at the moment... I have plans for a future studio in my current location, but this idea is still on the drawing board.

I'll try to get home more often, and hopefully some new material will pop up sooner or later.


No more music on request.


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2013-02-14 15:41:21

Get items from your home studio?

(Updated ) cazok responds:

Technically I only own half of it, and my family owns the rest. They also use the studio frequently, so I don't think running of with it will be an option :P


2013-02-15 10:35:06

Kill them and stream it on