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sneak attack sneak attack

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'm very impressed!
Completely crazy melodies and wacky choice of instruments. I especially noticed the percussion: it sounds very accoustic (which I love, since I play all my instruments by hand too). Also, the ending is very psychedelic, I love it!

** \Symphony Of The Demon ** \Symphony Of The Demon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I wrote the song long ago.
Pretty sure no one else used this particular tune before I came up with it...
I absolutely love the metal cover though! Being a big metal fan myself, I gotta say it's hella fun seeing one of my older works which originally werent intended to be hevay, metalized like this :)

Great job!

Sonofkirk responds:

Hey man ! We had a conversation by PM about this song like one year ago I think ;) Did you check out the other version I made? As I said you early this song you wrote is absolutely perfect.

Thanks for the review!

Cries of the Mournful Cries of the Mournful

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The snare should be louder.
Apart from that, I hear no spesific elements I don't like. :P
The growls are pretty awesome, the guitar kills, the drumkit has really good sounds and the drummer plays with a nice groove. His tempo is just a bit fluctuating.

Personally I like my metal to be a little more melodicly diverse though, but all in all, it's a pretty good song! keep this up!

Symphony Of The Demon - S Symphony Of The Demon - S

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow awesome!
In the years after making that song, I got into really heavy symphonic metal like dimmu borgir and stuff, and I gotta say this is absolutely stunning! Epic to the bone man!
Hearing this awesome cover of my old song made my day :D


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Sonofkirk responds:

I remember searching the internet to find who wrote the original song and never found anything haha. This song fascinated me so much I had to make my own version of it, I did two actually haha :) Thanks for checking out and for composing this legendary song.. :)

I AM Death I AM Death

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Gosh, it's been so long since my last review...

Well to get started, I really like the feel of the piece. The organ has a nice classic tone to it, and the composition feels pretty convincing. I also really like the hollowness of the main theme here. The exorcism part at the end actually works pretty well too, and kinda reminds me of Alexander Andersson from Hellsing for some reason...
My only complaint is that those drums may seem a little too straight-forward. I like them a little more dynamic and acoustic-sounding, but just that's just my opinion. If you were aiming for a heavier beat to set the pace, I totally understand.
So all in all; great piece! It has a good (or should I say Evil?) spirit :D

If you're looking for more organ music, may I suggest that you check out my song "Terrorflame Trench". It has a pretty nice organ solo a little while out in the piece.

mistarogerz responds:

great review. this is exactly what all musicians are looking for!

Medievil Hip Hop Beat Medievil Hip Hop Beat

Rated 3 / 5 stars


...A triplet pattern! The tempo isn't the issue, you need to switch to a completely different time signature

booyadiaz responds:

Well, I was just testing. I'll make it more different in the next one

Redwood's Furnace Redwood's Furnace

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


I'm gonna be honest with you.
The very fact that the entire 3:40 song consisted of only two chords looping over and over again, made the song extremely boring. Even though you've tried to spice it up with some fancy beats and creative hornsections, nothing changes the fact that the entire song lacks build ups, bridges, choruses and breaks. Sorry man, but this just ain't good music.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Thanks d00d :]

Strykjärn - Svälj Din Stolthet Strykjärn - Svälj Din Stolthet

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just wonderin'

Did you happen to use an electronic drumset to record this song? Cuz if not, it sounds like you got some damn good triggering going on there...

I'm kind of a musician/drummer myself, so I'm a bit curious. What kind of pedals do your band's drummer use? Axis?

Awesome song though!

Dimoria responds:

Na he just uses regular Iron cobras from Pearl I think. But the Chain version not the cord. Oh almost forgot , he used a Roland TD 4 . I ran the Drumkit from hell superior 2.0 samples through my computer.

The Nightmare - {LDL} The Nightmare - {LDL}

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Couldn't have done it better myself

Ever played the game Medievil? It's an old gothic horror/cartoon game from 1999 for the PS1. One of my favourite games of all time...

The point is that this song really reminds me of that game. It's so dark and moody it almost gives me goosebumps. The harp and strings gives the song such a wonderfull touch of mystery and horror. I would simply LOVE to see this in a game like Medievil.

Make more like this!

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LoopDaLoop responds:

I still have my PS1 :D But never heard of the game Medievil.. I'ma look it up!

The combination of the strings and the harp is really good, yeah..

Nostalgia :)

Dark - {LDL} Dark - {LDL}

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Considering the fact that this is a song from runescape, and not a song that you produced, I can't give this song a full score.

On the other hand, some parts of it were really good, and your choise of instruments fitted the mood well.


LoopDaLoop responds:

Thank you, i'm glad I could bring the feeling like the original can.